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About the Publisher – TadaaBook

TadaaBook is a children’s booksmith more than a publisher. Their main aim is to help self-publishers find the visual soul mate for their stories. Besides illustrating and designing, they help authors to edit and publish their books, and spread the word to the world by creating websites and book trailers.  Tadaa is a team of illustrators, designers, editors, and developers from different parts of the world.
The company was officially born in 2013 and has already published its own small collection of children’s books, making self-publishers dreams become a reality.

About the Illustrator – Anil Tortop

Anil is an illustrator and sometimes an animator. Based in Brisbane / Australia since early 2011, for which she left Turkey, the country where she was born and grew up. She got her bachelor degree of animation in 2005. Has illustrated more than 40 storybooks and some educational books. She has designed, illustrated and animated some apps, TV games and multimedia education materials as well. Her animated short movie Grain was shown on some festivals in Turkey. Also some of her illustrations were exhibited at Brisbane Square Library in 2012 and 2013. The world of children is her greatest inspiration. She loves to smell just-printed books.