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By Lee Ellen Aven

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The Book
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Love Me This Way is a simple primer on unconditional love meant to be pondered and savoured page by colorful page. It is a guideline for all relationships on how to show another that you recognize and appreciate their true nature by focusing on their strengths and allowing them to be separate and free to navigate their own experience. It teaches that the best gift a mother can give to a child is letting that child grow up with his/her own passions firmly rooted deep within his/her heart. The illustrations are of mother and daughter but the moral to be learned is applicable to all ages and gender combinations.

Many adults still do not really know what true love feels like as they never received it from their own parents. This book is meant to be used as a tool for all people to learn to give both themselves and others unconditional love. Use your imagination to pretend you are receiving the message from each page…let it in, see how it feels and linger there for a bit.

This is a book of joy, patience, and kindness; listening and witnessing; giving, responding, and forgiving. It emphasizes that parents must focus on what is right with their child, their inner self, or the situation instead of concentrating on what is wrong. Then move forward to give all the good things a voice…say the good things out loud and say them often!



“A huge heartfelt thank you for LOVE ME THIS WAY!!! You have skillfully and artfully articulated the loving essence of all relationships. From babes in our arms; to our children as they blossom and then as we launch them; to our partners as we journey through the cycles of life; to our relationships within our communities; and most importantly…for ourselves…this is a book for ALL.”
“What a wonderful way to explain it all.  It is like it was written for me. I hope everyone who reads it feels that because it is written for every “me” in the Universe. Beautiful.”
BB, Intuitive Healer
“”I have always thought of unconditional love as something one can experience only from a canine source.  But your book provides a how-to guide that makes it seem like it might be possible human to human.  And that, my friend, is very inspirational!”
“I’m thinking about all the people I’d like to give this book to, and all the uses it has in the world to help all those inner children seeking to be “loved this way.”
SR, M.Ed
“It was palpable to feel what I longed for as a child but never received.  It is actually really perfect for us grown-ups too, who never received that kind of love.  It teaches you what to look for in relationships and how to love and nurture your child within.”
“I can imagine a child being in love with this book, feeling so understood and reading it or having it read over and over.  What a gift!”
“Walking along the path of childhood or parenthood can be a journey filled with both joy and uncertainty.  Love Me This Way is a compassionate compass that will allow you to continue your path with ease and comfort.  It is a gift for both the playground and the home.  It will nourish your mind and nurture your heart.”